Event Info


Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Lifting starts at 9:00am, weigh-ins are 7-8:30am

Venue: River Falls High School, River Falls, WI

Deadline to register is Saturday September 22, 2018

REGISTER HERE to participate
Entry fee is non-refundable as it is a fundraiser for the River Falls Powerlifting Team

  • admission for spectators is $5 (including coaches)
  • wristbands will be given

T-shirts will be available by preorder 

Concessions will be available all day


Entry Fee: $70 (second division is $35)
Entry Fee is non refundable.


Medals & Awards:

  • Divisons/Awards
    • Men’s & Women’s Open     1st-3rd by weight class
      Men’s & Women’s Raw       1st-3rd by weight class
      Men’s & Women’s Masters 1st-3rd by formula
      Men’s & Women’s Teen      1st-3rd by formula
  • Best Lifter Trophies
    • 1st place Men’s Open (if more than 10 competing)
      1st place Women’s Open (If more than 10 competing)
      1st Place Raw Men’s Open
      1st Place Raw Women’s Open

Divisions: (Large divisions may be divided in to heavy and light classes depending on the participation.)

Please remember you can enter into two different divisions, but you are either equipped or raw –  not both.

Equipped:  (Only IPF approved gear will be allowed)  Men’s Open /   Women’s Open  /  Teen-male  /  Teen-female /  Master Men  /  Master Women

Unequipped:  Raw Men / Raw Women  /  Raw Teen-male  / Raw Teen-female  / Raw Master Men /  Raw Master Women

Eligibility: All U.S.A. Powerlifting card holding members who have not used strength inducing drugs in the last 3 years (36 months), and prescription diuretics or banned stimulants in the 7 days prior to the contest. This is a drug tested meet! Be careful what you ingest! Some supplements can cause drug test failures.

Please Note:  Membership cards will not be available for purchase at the meet.

Proof of age and identity:

  • all competitors entered in the contest must provide a valid government-issued photo ID
    • for younger competitors without a government-issued photo ID, contact the meet director prior to the event for instructions

Submitting opening attempts and rack heights:

  • opening attempts for all three lifts and rack heights must be submitted at weigh-in

NOTE: Weigh in time may vary from scheduled start time for 2nd session, depending on the number of lifters in first session.