Event Info


Date: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Lifting starts at 9:00am, weigh-ins are 7-8:30am

Venue: River Falls High School, River Falls, WI

Deadline to register:  Saturday September 21, 2019

*There is a CAP of 80 lifters for this event*


Entry fee is non-refundable as it is a fundraiser for the River Falls Powerlifting Team

Entry Fee: $100 ($25 for each additional division)

  • Entry Fee is non refundable
  • Admission for spectators is $5 (including coaches)
  • Wristbands will be given
  • T-shirts will be available by preorder
  • Concessions will be available all day

Medals & Awards:

  • Divisons/Awards
    • Men’s & Women’s Open     1st-3rd by weight class
      Men’s & Women’s Raw       1st-3rd by weight class
      Men’s & Women’s Masters 1st-3rd by formula
      Men’s & Women’s Teen      1st-3rd by formula
  • Best Lifter Trophies
    • 1st place Men’s Open (if more than 10 competing)
      1st place Women’s Open (If more than 10 competing)
      1st Place Raw Men’s Open
      1st Place Raw Women’s Open

Divisions: (Large divisions may be divided in to heavy and light classes depending on the participation.)

Please remember you can enter into multiple divisions, but you are either equipped or raw –  not both.

Equipped:  (Only IPF approved gear will be allowed)
Men’s Open /   Women’s Open  /  Teen-male  /  Teen-female /  Master Men  /  Master Women

Raw Men / Raw Women  /  Raw Teen-male  / Raw Teen-female  / Raw Master Men /  Raw Master Women

Eligibility: All U.S.A. Powerlifting card holding members who have not used strength inducing drugs in the last 3 years (36 months), and prescription diuretics or banned stimulants in the 7 days prior to the contest. This is a drug tested meet! Be careful what you ingest! Some supplements can cause drug test failures.

Please Note:  Membership cards will not be available for purchase at the meet.

Proof of age and identity:

  • all competitors entered in the contest must provide a valid government-issued photo ID
    • for younger competitors without a government-issued photo ID, contact the meet director prior to the event for instructions

Submitting opening attempts and rack heights:

  • opening attempts for all three lifts and rack heights must be submitted at weigh-in

NOTE: Weigh in time may vary from scheduled start time for 2nd session, depending on the number of lifters in first session.